About the author

Elena Derbicheva-Tokareva.

Elena Derbicheva-Tokareva has graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. She is a member of International Federation of Artists & national Artist’s Union of department, a full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany, Hannover), a member of International Association of florist collage.

She is an expert of the goods quality, a florist-designer, a creator of a new trend in florist collage and fito-design «VIVANTART». She has got a special Certificate of the Master-Sign. She is the winner of many International and Russian Exhibitions and Programs (among them in the field of strengthening of International Relations). She is awarded with the medal «Leonardo da Vinci» and the honor medal «Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz», the Big Golden Medal of the project «Immortality».

The art works of Elena Derbicheva-Tokareva are in private and state collections of Russia (among them in the Mayer-House of Moscow, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences), in Belorussia, Belgium, Estonia, Austria and Germany.